Insider Trading 

How to Monitor for Insider Trading


In the last few years, regulators around the world have shown their willingness to investigate and prosecute insider trading cases. Buy-side firms involved have suffered significant damage to their reputation, potentially resulting in lost AUM, amounting to even more than the fines and penalties themselves - and in some cases, a catastrophic loss of business. 

View Nasdaq's webcast to discover:

  • Approaches to insider trading & controlling the risks 
  • Regional differences with insider trading and the buy-side compliance culture
  • Detecting insider trading in buy-side firms 
  • Partnership between Nasdaq and buy-side behavioural analytics specialist, Sybenetix
Speakers in this webcast include:
  • Michael O'Brien, Head of Product Management, Nasdaq
  • Paul Young, P.h.D., Head of Product Development for the Buy-side, Nasdaq
  • Danielle Tierney, Senior Analyst, Aite Group 

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